Image Name MRPPrice Total Quantity
One Sound Crackers
Ground Chakkar Big (10 Pcs) Rs.  Rs.30
Ground Chakkar Big (25 Pcs) Rs.  Rs.72
Ground Chakkar Special Rs.  Rs.68
Ground Chakkar Deluxe Rs.  Rs.140
Wire Chakkar Big (Wire Attached) Rs.  Rs.0
Wire Chakkar Special (Wire Attached) Rs.  Rs.0
Whistling Chakkar
Whizz - Whizz Rs.  Rs.150
Flower Pot
Flowerpots Big Rs.  Rs.84
Flowerpots Special Rs.  Rs.115
Flowerpots Giant Rs.  Rs.205
Flowerpots Deluxe Rs.  Rs.155
Flowerpots Super Rs.  Rs.95
ColorKoti Rs.  Rs.220
Golden Fountain Rs.  Rs.154
Spice Butterfly Rs.  Rs.154
Titanic Fountain Rs.  Rs.154
Flying Bees Rs.  Rs.154
Flying Boquet Rs.  Rs.154
Sizzling Stars Rs.  Rs.250
7G Fountain (Assorted Fountain) Rs.  Rs.0
Whistling Fountain
Siren (2 Pcs) Rs.  Rs.155
Color Fountain
Little Flowers Rs.  Rs.128
Emerald Foils (10 Pcs) Rs.  Rs.25
Tri-Color Fountain Rs.  Rs.100
Twinkling Star
1 Rs.  Rs.31
4 Twinkling Star Rs.  Rs.93
Gold Pencil Small Rs.  Rs.64
Gold Pencil Big Rs.  Rs.93
Hydro Bomb (Deluxe) Green Rs.  Rs.50
King of King (Deluxe) Green Rs.  Rs.100
Fancy Smoke
Rainbow Smoke 2 in One Rs.  Rs.165
Kushi Rs.  Rs.210
KushiKushi Rs.  Rs.225
Magic Show Rs.  Rs.260
Loose Crackers
Bijili Red Crackers Rs.  Rs.38
Bijili Stripped Crackers Rs.  Rs.44
Electric crackers
28 x 1000 Chorsa Deluxe Rs.  Rs.18
56 x 500 Chorsa Deluxe Rs.  Rs.36
Festival Chorsa crackers
100 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.54
200 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.108
300 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.162
600 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.312
1000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.480
2000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.948
3000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.1380
5000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.2280
10000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.4500
15000 Wala Garland Deluxe Rs.  Rs.6780
Deluxe crackers
32 x 100 Gorilla Deluxe Rs.  Rs.110
24 x 100 He - man Fight Rs.  Rs.110
Single Shot Maroons
2 Rs.  Rs.9
3 Rs.  Rs.15
4` Special Bird & Joker Deluxe Rs.  Rs.24
Thunder World
Seven Color Shot Rs.  Rs.98
World Wonders Rs.  Rs.98
Crackling Flower Rs.  Rs.98
Flower Garden Rs.  Rs.98
X-mass Tree Rs.  Rs.98
Golden Dragon Rs.  Rs.98
Mini Mega Series
Terror Rs.  Rs.230
Killer Shot Rs.  Rs.230
Thriller Rs.  Rs.230
Falls Series
Silver Falls Rs.  Rs.188
Golden Falls Rs.  Rs.188
Zero Falls Rs.  Rs.188
Dreams Series
American Dream Rs.  Rs.205
Italian Dream Rs.  Rs.205
Schengen Visa
Buckingham Rs.  Rs.125
Danish Rs.  Rs.125
Warsaw Rs.  Rs.125
Budget Areials
Puppy Love Rs.  Rs.295
Blue Pearls Rs.  Rs.295
Orange Rs.  Rs.295
Ever Shine Novelties
Gold Coin Rs.  Rs.490
Palm Tree Rs.  Rs.490
LalMirchi Rs.  Rs.490
Two In One
Pot Rs.  Rs.530
Spring Sprang Rs.  Rs.530
Huggy Muggy Rs.  Rs.530
Neela Angels Rs.  Rs.625
Golden Octopusy Rs.  Rs.625
Magic Pop Pop Rs.  Rs.625
Sky Jumbers(7 in One)
Rang Barsaat Rs.  Rs.585
HI-Tech Jummbers
Mela Rs.  Rs.585
Rock & Roll Rs.  Rs.585
Top in town
Back Street Boys Rs.  Rs.645
NayaNayaPyar Rs.  Rs.645
Jay Jay Rs.  Rs.645
Great Wall
Magic Crystal Rs.  Rs.665
Hot Girls Rs.  Rs.665
Blue Eyes Rs.  Rs.665
World War Rs.  Rs.665
Velvet Rs.  Rs.665
Repeating Shooter
Color 12 Shot Mega (NEW) Rs.  Rs.125
Raiders of the Last Ark (NEW) Rs.  Rs.0
15 Shot (Dil Mange More ...) Rs.  Rs.240
Sweet 16 Rs.  Rs.235
Repeating Deluxe Shoot
Teen Beauty (12 Shot) Rs.  Rs.225
The Army (12 Shot) Rs.  Rs.225
Troy 25 Rs.  Rs.340
Avatar 50 Rs.  Rs.650
Valcona Rs.  Rs.770
Crackling Coconut Rs.  Rs.1050
Iron Man Rs.  Rs.725
Story 3 Rs.  Rs.725
Mini Mega Sky Jumber
Power Rs.  Rs.1180
Black & White Rs.  Rs.1680
Golden Eye Rs.  Rs.1680
Terminator (120 Shot) Rs.  Rs.2370
N Rs.  Rs.4475
12 Sky Mega Series Mix
12 SKY Red Rs.  Rs.125
12 SKY Green Rs.  Rs.125
12 SKY Twin Rs.  Rs.125
12 SKY Golden Rs.  Rs.125
12 SKY Digital Rs.  Rs.125
Ocean Shower Series
Indian Showers Rs.  Rs.300
Atlantic Showers Rs.  Rs.300
Pacific Showers Rs.  Rs.300
Galaxy Series
Galaxy Rs.  Rs.67
Paradise Rs.  Rs.67
Hawai Rs.  Rs.67
Traffic Rs.  Rs.67
Lightning Rs.  Rs.67
Casino Star Rs.  Rs.67
New Introduction Multi
25 Cocatoo (Snake Whistle) Rs.  Rs.600
50 Cuckoo (Snake Whistle) Rs.  Rs.1185
Every Happy New Year
Bruce Lee Rs.  Rs.730
7th Sense Rs.  Rs.730
Color Plus Rs.  Rs.730
12 Sky Mega Series Mix-New
12 Sky Red Rs.  Rs.129
12 Sky Green / Multi Rs.  Rs.129
12 Sky Twin Rs.  Rs.129
12 Sky Golden Rs.  Rs.129
12 Sky Digital Rs.  Rs.129
Ring Caps
Pirates Rs.  Rs.90
Terminator Rs.  Rs.188
MIB (Men in Black) Rs.  Rs.54
Ring Caps Rs.  Rs.0
Serpent Eggs
Black Serpents Big 1 x 5 x10 Rs.  Rs.165

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