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Judah Fire works Sivakasi

About Judah Fireworks:

Judah Fireworks is selling only the Best crackers from Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. We are selling crackers at factory price. Supplying Crackers to all over India. Quality is Guarantee and the price also very less. Just compare with others and buy best crackers from Sivakasi. We have more than 10 years of experience in crackers world. Judah Fireworks is one of the upcoming fireworks in Sivakasi. We are selling only quality Fireworks crackers at factory price.

Our History:

Judah Fireworks have more than 10 years of experience in crackers field. We started as a trader on 2009. Then we have kept a crackers shop in Trivandrum, Kerala. From 2015 we have a wholesale shop in Sivakasi. Now we are manufacturing crackers from past Two years in the name of Jehovah and Lord of Lords in Sivakasi.

Our Mission:

Judah Fireworks want to supply quality crackers with factory price to all over India. All can buy crackers from Judah Fireworks in factory price. Buy Best Sivakasi Crackers on Wholesale Price in Retail Store. Just compare our crackers price from others, after that you can buy from Judah fireworks. Quality is our Strength and we are strong in Our Price

Our Features are,

1.����� Best Quality – Supplying Only Best Quality Crackers from Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. You can Buy Crackers from Factory through Judah Fireworks. We are maintaining the quality of crackers to all. So, you can get Sivakasi Crackers at Best Quality.

2.����� No Discount – Judah Fireworks won’t give any discount. Because we won’t increase the crackers price in our pricelist to give discount. Our crackers pricelist is one only. So, buy from Judah Fireworks, Sivakasi Tamil Nadu, India to save your money.

3.����� Extraordinary Service – We are providing good services to our valuable crackers customers. Because we are only depending the customers. So while they are purchasing the crackers, we provide best services from Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India.

4.����� On Time Delivery – Our one more feature is On Time Delivery of the Crackers to our customers. In Diwali, Pooja Festivals, Christmas, New Year, Marriage Functions or any time, we will deliver quality crackers On Time to all over India.

Judah Fireworks give a Special and Newly Surprise are following here,

1.���� No Discount / Fixed Price – Judah Fireworks is selling Quality Crackers in Low price only. We are not giving any discounts to our customers. Because our products price is very low as others. – (Check Our Price) Click Here

2.���� Get Wholesale Quote – Judah Fireworks is selling Crackers in wholesale also. We are supplying crackers to all over India. We are one of the Best Wholesale Supplier in India from Sivakasi. – (Check Our Price) Click Here

3.���� Cracker Boxes – Judah Fireworks selling Cracker Boxes, it have Children’s Box, Youth Box and Family Box. All can enjoy this Diwali with Our Fireworks. – (Check Our Box) Click Here

We have a Unique Price for all kind of crackers. We are supplying following best quality Sivakasi crackers. Our Crackers list,

3½" Lakshmi, 4"Lakshmi, 4"Lakshmi Deluxe, 4"Gold Lakshmi, 4"Lakshmi Mega Deluxe, 2¾"Kuruvi, 2 Sound Crackers, Flower Pots Small, Flower Pots Big, Flower Pots Special, Flower Pots Asoka, Flower Pots Deluxe (5Pcs), Colour Koti, Tri Colour Fountain (5Pcs), Ground Chakkar Asoka, Ground Chakkar Big(10Pcs), Ground Chakkar Big (25Pcs), Ground Chakkar Special, Ground Chakkar Deluxe, 100 Wala, 200 Wala, 300 Wala, 600 Wala, 1000 Wala, 2000 Wala, 3000 Wala, 5000 Wala, 10000 Wala, Bullet Bomb, Atom Bomb, Hydro Bomb, King Of King Bomb, Classic Bomb, Jurassic Bomb, 28 Chorsa, 56 Chorsa, 28 Giant, 56 Giant, 20 Deluxe, 24 Deluxe, 50 Deluxe, 100 Deluxe, Baby Rockets, Rocket Bomb, Lunik Rocket, 2 Sound Rocket, Whistling Rocket, 7 CM Pencil, 10 CM Pencil, 1½"Twinkling Star, 4"Twinkling Star, Red Bijili, Stripped Bijili, Assorted Cartoons, Snake Cartoons, Chotta Fancy, 2"Fancy (Boom With Colour), 2½"Fancy (Boom With Colour), 3"Fancy ( Boom With Colour), 3"Fancy (Double Boom With Colour), 3½"Fancy (Boom With Colour), 3½"Fancy (Double Boom With Colour), 4"Fancy (Boom With Colour), 7 Shot's (5Pcs), 7 Shot's (10Pcs), 12 Shot's Multi Colour, 25 Shot's Multi Colour, 30 Shot's Multi Colour, 50 Shot's Multi Colour, 60 Shot's Multi Colour, 120 Shot's Multi Colour, 240 Shot's Multi Colour, Butterfly, Chit Put, Disco Shower, BEN 10 Pencil, Sky Shot, Asrafi Pops Small, Asrafi Pops Big, Ganga Jamuna, Peacock Dance, Siren Small, Siren Big, Holi Fountain, Kinder Joy Fountain, Magic Butterfly Fountain, Red Sun Fountain, Welcome Shot, 7 CM Electric, 7 CM Colour, 7 CM Green, 7 CM Red, 10 CM Electric, 10 Cm Colour, 10 CM Green, 10 CM Red, 12 CM Electric, 12 CM Colour, 12 CM Green, 12 CM Red, 15 CM Electric, 15 CM Colour, 15 CM Green, 15 CM Red, 30 CM Electric, 30 CM Colour, 30 CM Green, 30 CM Red, 50 Cm Colour, 50 Cm Electric, 50 Cm Multi Colour.

Customers says about Judah Fireworks,

1.����� I have bought crackers from Judah Fireworks in last diwali. They sent amazing sivakasi crackers to us. They have supplied crackers at very low price. – VJ Ram, Thambaram, Chennai.

2.����� For Ramzan we have bought crackers from Sivakasi, Judah Fireworks. We got all quality crackers with Surprise gift boxes. All the Best Team. – Usman Kani, Goa, India.

3.����� Very very good quality crackers I buy from Judah Fireworks. Super quality crackers and best price crackers. Super Team. – Ganesh CGK, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.

4.����� First time I bought crackers from them. I didn’t expect, they have sent super crackers. Just I can tell about Judah Fireworks is Fantastic. – Priya Harikumar, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

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